Isle of Lewis


August 2016: 17,000 ton oil rig washes ashore at Dalmore on the west coast of the Isle of Lewis during a violent storm. This shot entailed a 3 mile walk along a cliff edge under the cover of darkness, avoiding the 24 hour police cordon that had been set up to prevent members of the public visiting the site. 6 minute exposure. 2am. The rig was subsequently refloated and eventually towed to Turkey to be scrapped.

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Professionally printed on Fujifilm Crystal Archive paper. I use ‘lustre’ paper – a silky version of ‘matt’ paper. It can be handled more easily than gloss i.e. less prone to fingerprints and has reduced surface reflections, making it ideal for framing.

The paper has been tested against fading and is guaranteed for up to 80 years when not placed in direct sunlight.

Professional reviews of the paper say: “High gloss combined with unique iridescent pearl like effect. High maximum density with┬ádeep blacks. Thick paper base. Exceptional sharpness. Purer highlights. Vibrant colour reproduction. Excellent image longevity”.

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12" X 8", 18" X 12", 24" X 16", 30" x 20"

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Printed on Fujifilm Crystal Archive TYPE DP II Lustre paper, which is at the top of Fuji’s Crystal Archive range. Optimised for digital exposure, Digital C-Type prints are true photographic prints.

Made by exposing light to genuine photographic paper, C-Type prints are “continuous tone” – ie. colour is step-less and this means 18 million colours per square inch. Because the image is formed in the paper emulsion, the images have a depth to them missing from ink and dye based print systems. C-Types also have very robust handling properties, resisting scratching and marks. These prints feature the highest level of image stability, making them ideal for display purposes.